Tips for Using Synthetic Urine Successfully

Fake pee or synthetic urine is a laboratory-made solution mimicking urine. It has uric acid, urea, creatine, and nitrates. Its features also include a pH between 4.8 and 8, urine specific gravity, body temperature levels, and the urine color.

Typical Uses of Fake Urine

The synthetic urine can be a feature used for kinky sex. It can also serve as an animal repellant. In this case, the person rubbing their body with urine will keep mosquitos away. Furthermore, one should use synthetic urine and not real urine when intending to keep the animals away. The reason is that synthetic urine comes with different odor levels and you can choose one that is tolerable to humans. Furthermore, it might be easier from a mental perspective to use fake urine instead of the real one. Other common uses include passing a drug test that requires urine tests. You may also use fake pee for pranks.

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Drug tests on urine check for traces of particular elements. If the test turns positive for these substances, then the testers will assume the owner of the urine used the drugs. The amount of the substance detected in the urine also determines the judgment about the extent of drug use by the person. In the case of cannabis, the cannabinoid THC lingers on in the human body for many months in extreme cases. Thus, anyone who used the product in the past is at risk of failing a genuine drug test despite not having had any of the substance in the last two months. Fake urine comes to the rescue in this case.

Using Synthetic Urine

You need to purchase synthetic urine from reputable sources and get the correct type for your needs. It is worth noting that this page has all the info concerning synthetic urine. Hence, you can check it out for additional insights of the product and the way it fits your particular needs. You should keep the urine warm to avoid any suspicions. The best way is to strap it on to your body after you put it in a small liquid-holding bag. Using external warming solutions might help, but it is not advisable because of the risk of making the urine too hot to pass the suspicion.



Always transfer the urine from your bag to the testing cup quickly to ensure it stays warm. The composition of the urine may make it less prone to holding its temperature in comparison to real urine. Secondly, you should have an idea of what fake urine looks like before purchasing it. Consider watching reviews and reading about them to help you differentiate different products. Furthermore, when you opt to buy from a given brand, the next step would be to confirm whether you are getting a genuine product from the manufacturer. Most people assume all fake urine sold in the market will be good and they discover later that they bought a fake product. Most manufacturers have information on their website to help you identify their products to avoid falling into the hands of scammers.

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