5 Herbs Suitable for Containing Cancer

herb garden

Nature is bountiful and contains many environmental solutions to problems. As the weather heats up home gardeners countrywide, more gardeners can loom at their backyards for flavorful herbs. They are not only sweet, but they have a lot of flavors. Garden herbs possess a lot of medicinal properties which when consumed with spices and vegetables can contain the spread of cancer. It is well known that the simplest way to reduce your chances of getting cancer is by eating healthy. Alternatively, healthy eating is cost effective. Briefly described are five useful herbs worth incorporating into your diet.


This herb is a regular in most kitchens. When cooking, the leaves of this herb are used to add a woody fragrance. The fragrance arises from the naturally occurring terpenes, a fatty acid that checks the continuous reproduction of cancer cell tumors. This checks their reproduction forcing them to die off. Research today has discovered that terpene contained in rosemary can be administered alongside chemotherapy drugs such as Velban and Adriamycin. If the cancer cells had previously resisted the chemotherapy treatment, they might start absorbing the treatment. Terpene eventually results in the death of the cancer cells, containing their spread.


What was once overlooked as a regular garnish has become a fundamental herb within medical circles? Parsley is well known for apigenin, a natural oil within that is merited for containing angiogenesis. The latter being the development of blood vessels that feed cancerous tumor cells with nutrients. Apigenine derived from parsley ends up cutting the supply of blood to the tumor, replicating the functions Avastin – a prescription drug.


Across the globe, there are over 350 different species of thyme recorded today. The non-medicinal use of this herb has been documented over hundreds of years. For instance, Roman warriors would brew it in their tea as a way of boosting their vigor. Unfortunately, there is no medical study that has provided us with proof as to whether thyme boosts courage. However, there are studies that prove its cancer-preventative abilities, it also helps with depression.

.Thyme contains essential oils rich in thymol. Thymol contains ursolic and rosmarinic acids such as terpenes that contain anti-cancer qualities. Terpenes are also contained in rosemary. Alternatively, thyme possesses antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Further studies show that it is a powerful antioxidant. When used as mouthwash, it treats mouth and throat inflammations.


Phytochemicals contained in mint leaves are known to cut off the supply of blood to cancer tumors. This eventually results in untimely deaths. This remains another perfect example of nature’s healing power, not forgetting, other medical phytochemicals within your garden.


Apart from its strong tangy flavor, this herb contains several medicinal properties that arise from compounds such as monoterpenes. Monoterpenes are simply stimulants that actively secrete enzymes such as glutathione-S, powerful anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants remain effective in neutralizing carcinogenic free radicals that promote cancer. When frequently used, they act as a cancer preventative. Essential oils contained in dill are natural stimulants that promote bile and other digestive juices. Finally, studies also show that it promotes intestinal peristalsis.…

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