Understand Depression

Many of us cannot explain depression. The patient in most cases does not even know they are sick. This article will give some valuable tips to help you understand depression patients.


We are as confused as you are

Many people take it kind asking the sick “how can I help.” I do not blame you; you are concerned and good of you. This is what goes through the mind of a depressed person after that question. “I don’t know either, I do not want to be in this state too, and if knew what to do I would have done it already” depression patients feel helpless. If you can avoid asking them such questions. And if you get a weird answer, please understand.

Want to be alone

Being all alone is a major cause of depression, but still, depression patients want to be alone. Being alone in that room alone means the world to them. They will tell you that they are aware isolation is bad, but they still want to be left alone. At times they won’t be all sad, and it will be more fun alone locked up. Please do not push me out too much.

Sleep is necessary

We love to sleep. Yes, we are ever tired by the self-blame and criticism from within. That is why napping becomes a hobby. And please do not be surprised we will still wake up tired. Please don’t wake me up!

It hurts you we understand, but still, do not know what to do
Dealing with a depressed person is among the most difficult things. You try to do this to please them just to make it worse. If you ask them, they will say, “I am sorry I see how helpless you get when you cannot help me. I am sorry about that. But still, I do not know what to do. Maybe that is why I need to stay isolated so that you will not have to deal with it.”…

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