Quit Smoking

Nothing good comes from smoking. It might seem a cool thing at first especially for teen boys, but the end results are deadly. You will suffer addiction which is difficult to overcome. Health complications including TB, throat cancer and much more will be awaiting you. The earlier you make the decision to stop the habit the better. You must be ready for negative words from people who think you cannot make it out. Be ready for challenges from yourself; it will be so tempting to get a single puff. This article will help you through the process of quitting by giving important tips.

Quit smoking

Sugar in cigarettes

You are probably wondering how, but it is true cigarettes contain sugar. In the process of quitting, make sure to have fruit or something sweet to drink or eat. This explains why people in the process of quitting are so irritable and grumpy. When you fell hungry, breathe in and out and eat something sweet.

Deep breathing

Smokers are used to deep breathing as they take the puffs. The habit stops once they stop smoking. It is important that the behavior does not stop. When you are taking deep breaths, all your attention goes to it other than getting annoyed by things happening around you. Take deep breathes at least two times in a day. Another perfect time to do so is at night. At times sleep won’t catch up with you no matter how hard you try. At such moments deep breathing helps.

More water

When quitting you should increase water intake. Why is water necessary? The body realizes that you are no longer smoking. It gets in the process of wanting to get rid of the toxins in the body as fast as possible. This leads to overworking of the kidneys. You might experience pains and discomfort. To help the body get rid of the accumulated toxins fast, drink a lot of water.